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Jun 15, 2010
Wiggins, MS
Hi all. My husband has been lurking on this board for almost two years now. When one of my hens was attacked by a hawk a few months ago, he told me to join the forum and ask for assistance. (BTW, she is fine now.) Thank you for all the tried and true information we've learned from y'all. It has helped us care for our flock more effectively. We don't post much but we look everyday!
We got our start in May 2009 with 25 RIR pullets and then added 10 BO pullets, 1 BO cockerel and 2 RIR cockerels in June 2010. One of the RIR cockerels died just shy of 1 week old. Now we are talking about breeding our own RIR's and BO's.
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