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  1. The rules:

    In this RP you can have a mate pups and your own den.
    You can have a fake mate or you can talk to someone on here and agree on it.
    Just NO intense details on ur pup making!

    There's no cursing
    No spells or magic
    You CAN have wings, but be fair with them!

    No packs right now... PM me if you would like to make your own.
    You can be a lone wolf, also!

    When fighting:

    If your hurt like:
    Broken bones,
    Cuts and bruises, etc.

    Broken bones take one day ( real life ) to heal. Bruises ( a week ) and cuts 2 hours.

    You can't " automatically heal " or say you dodged.


    Just copy and paste this to a PM to me:

    Rank: ( you can only be normal till there's packs )
    Pack: ( none yet )
    Age: ( wolves age )
    History: ( some big events in your wolves life )
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  2. Name: Splash
    Rank: normal
    Pack: ( none yet )
    Gender: Female
    Age: 6
    Color/patterns: jet black, dark teal stripe down back and tail, jet black wings with dark teal outline, and pinkish purple diamond on forehead.
    Personality: Brave, great leader, curious, VERY adventurous, loving, and caring.
    Mate: ( none yet :/ )
    History: I tried to kill myself in a volcano after my ex-mate cheated on me. He saved me, but ended up dying. We had a litter of 4. All died in a brawl over territory, but only one is left. ( this is the only " magic " acception ) he can turn into a pup whenever. He is ALWAYS watching me. I may not know it, but he is watching over me. I'm currently a lonely lone wolf.
  3. * whimpers * I said don't be shy!!!!!! -.-
  4. Changed thread name! PLAYERS NEEDED!
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    You just started this about 30 minutes ago. Give it some time, no one's gonna reply instantly.
  6. YES THEY WILL!!!!!!!!!!! I demand u too XD

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    I would add a backstory, some color, a banner (possibly) , you know, simple stuff. Also, use spell check and stuff, correct grammar is more appealing than you think it would be.
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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Calm down, I'm being serious.
  9. I know.... I'm just playing.... ^-^

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