New to all of this - & obsessed already!


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Sep 2, 2019
My gosh it’s difficult to type on an iPhone on this forum! WTH?

Anyway - let’s try this the long way. I’m a new dad to a tiny flock of three. Two speckled Sussex & one salmon faverolle. They’re about 8 wks old.

I’m new to this and have been lurking on BYC for a few weeks. I’ll admit, I’m hooked already. I think about the chickens all day hahaha! I love the fact that I feel like I have a small element of control of my breakfast. I eat a clean diet with free range eggs seven days a week, so this will help. I can’t wait to raise more!

I like that I got docile breeds. They aren’t pecking each other & there aren’t any bullies. I do have a runt. She’s very active, eats all day, puffs her chest out & flaps her wings...she’s just about half their size & has no back feathers for some reason. I’m keeping an eye on her and might post a pic. I think she’s just a slow developer.

I live in the PNW, so fall is fast approaching. If there are any Seattlelites, let me know how your flocks do in the rainy months & any tips you might have for the new guy.

I hope to develop little friendships on here too...this is such a cool little community.

And no, despite my handle, I’ll never discuss politics on here! Don’t blame me, my chickens all love President Trump as much as I do! It was their idea, so blame the girls!

Semper fidelis to all my new friends!



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Aug 5, 2009
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Welcome :welcome Glad you decided to join us! Love Speckled Sussex.... Harriet has the quirkiest personality


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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC. There’s a fishing thread that may be of interest to you in addition to the chicken talk.

Here are some links to useful resources:

Best wishes

Pork Pie

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