New to Backyard and new to chicken raising!!


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Hi! We are a family of five that grew to a family of 11 overnight when we adopted 6 pullet chicks about 4wks ago. Well, really a family of 13 counting our two dogs. We are in love with our little girls and they are growing so fast and are already beautiful. One has set herself out as the head hen...not sure which one since they look alike but we are going to run an experiment to determine which one. I know they are from a "red" category but not sure which breed/breeds exactly. Would love any help in that dept!! And any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks all!! Glad to be here. Hope to learn a lot to raise healthy girls! My human girls are just as excited as me. I'll post a pic on the above mentioned link!

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