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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DaddyChicken, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Hello. I've been lurking for about three weeks while my son and I have been building our coop and getting things ready for our first chicks. Well, we picked them up yesterday. They were advertised as RIR's and when I went to get them, not knowing better, I asked for all pullets (5). The chicks are 4 weeks old and the lady said she didn't know how to tell them apart. Since then I have read about sexing RIR's and now know it's almost impossible. She said she thought the ones with the smallest combs were female so we picked five with the smallest combs.

    Here is a picture. What do you think? BTW, chickens ARE adictive.


    I will get better pics today.
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    Congratulations on joining the chicken movement and welcome to BYC.

    The lady at the store said correctly when she said that the ones with the smallest combs and wattles are your best bet to being hens. You are correct also in thinking that it's difficult to sex them, although at four weeks sometimes the differences are starting to show.

    Right now, it's difficult to tell with the pictures that you've posted. The one on the right with the head down looks like a pullet to me but I'm on the fence about the front one with the head up. The comb is nice and light colored; red combs at this early age generally mean roo, but it's a bit big although RIRs have largish combs. The others have their heads hidden.

    I would repost this question on the What Breed or Gender am I? thread and you'll have responses from more experienced "sexers" than I.

    By the way, that nice thick post in the background is likely to become an acrobatic playground for your girls - in other words they'll start climbing up it. If it leads out of the pen, they're likely to escape to the dangers of the outside world. Chickens aren't real bright.

    Welcome again and good luck.

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    [​IMG] and [​IMG]
    Got you a nice little flock started...

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    Welcome.......we have a great gang on here and you'll enjoy it. Your RIR are cute!
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    These look like RIR's but they could alway just be red sex linked chickens. Which in that case you would have all pullets. Many people advertise red sex linked as RIR or NHR just to make it easier.

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    [​IMG] to Kansas and your new addiction chickens. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Well Said:D[​IMG]

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    Your RIR are beautiful! Its been my experience that RIR are very affectionate- hope yours are too!

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