New to BYC forum, and new "Proud Parent" of my first pip!


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I got home from work this evening, turned the large amount of eggs in the small Styrofoam incubator I made, and looked over the other hatcher/incubator where three days ago I placed the first three eggs that had a chance. I began incubating in the beginning of Feb, but with wonky temps over a couple of days I discarded most of them so far. Well, tonight I was listening to the radio, and heard a distinct chirping noise that I knew was not part of the song. Well, I turned off the radio, and looked down into the hatcher, and ONE EGG IS PIPPING!!! The little chick seems to be healthy and all, strong lungs from the sound of the cheeps, and has broken a small portion of the egg away at this time. I do not think I will sleep much tonight, this is amazing, and will it need any help?

I am VERY excited, and delighted to post this as my first share and introduction in the BYC community. This is an eggcellent group of people, I could not have learned so much so quickly without you wonderful folks!


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! from Indiana Now that theres a pip don't open the incubator unless you have eggs at different stages


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from Ohio - actually, I think that first hatched
chick is the most exciting event of all, well, maybe next to when it grows up and gives you the first egg.
This is one of only three eggs in my hatcher made from an old vanity. I made the other day when I realized my diy incubator could not serve as hatcher simultaneously. I really did not think these three would make it, almost discarded them today! The remainder in my incubator, about 2 dozen, will go into the hatcher in two other batches one week apart. I am looking all over the house for my camera to take some pictures. I do not think I will get much sleep tonight!

Thanks for the welcome.

Geoff from WNC

Don't open the incubator or you will risk killing the other 2 chicks. Congratulations on your first pip! Contrary to what was said earlier-it doesn't get any less exciting! If anything each hatch gets more exciting as you get more experienced! I would like to see pics of your incubator when you find your camera!

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