New to BYC from PA


11 Years
Oct 11, 2012
North Central Pa, Clinton Co.
New to it all...I have been reading and researching from BYC...standing in the doorway, so to speak, for some time. Finally joined. I have the coop, deciding on placement in the yard, have time...winter!..
No chickens as of yet, still looking for breeders. I am interested in juveniles, making things alittle more challenging. The breeds I am interested in: Barred Rock, Orpington(buff), Barnevelder(white), Wyandotte(gold). There are quite afew of you out there that are knowledgeable to the 100th power!
I am looking forward to picking those fact-filled craniums!! (only if one would like to share) Thank You so much for all your time and devotion to these beautiful animals. I am looking to be a "positive" in the world of chicken-keeping and all it entails.
All of this preparing..I can hardly wait for the "real-fun" to start! It's a privilege to be here, hoping to stay awhile, thank you again....because there will be questions!

. Hope you'll enjoy it here
. I'm sure you will be adding your experience in no time!
Greetings from Kansas, LittleMissPurdy, and
! Pleased you stepped though the door and signed up! You are correct - lots of the folks on BYC are true chicken experts. Best of luck to you!
Hi and :welcome

Those are all very nice breeds. You can check out your state thread in Where am I, where are you, and see if anyone knows any breeders.

Good luck! I hope you find all the info you need here, and enjoy the site. :D

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