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Sep 5, 2013
Rockford, Michigan
Hello to All,
My wife and I have kept chickens for over 40 years now, and yes it does seem like a life time! They are her hobby, I just enjoy the eggs and toast for breakfast, and haul feed when she needs it.

The reason for joining today, is to gather some information on processing equipment. We have in the past raised some meat birds, but the hand scalding and hand plucking can challenge the marriage union! LOL So I am in the process of researching out the best bang for my dollar on processing equipment. I enjoy the large roasters for Sunday afternoon dinner, as well as the left-over meals one gets out of one of these birds.

For the most part, the birds are pretty much care free and we enjoy watching them.

At this time I'd like to thank all of you in advance for any future help you may offer me.

I know there are some threads on processing - maybe if you put that in the search box, some will pop up. The poster frequently discuss what equipment works best, some make their own.
PS If you go to "Raising Backyard chickens' forum, there is a side tab for other topics, scroll down and you will find one for MEAT BIRDS - people discuss processing and equipemt - pro/con.
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