New to BYC, have some questions about my flock and their laying patterns

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by burrisusmc, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Hey, I have 8 chickens, 7 hens and 1 rooster that are 10 months old. They've been laying for about 5 months now but I noticed that they slowed way down around the fall. I understand that the shorter the days, the less they lay, and read that to substitute yellow light is a solution. We tried that for about two months and they actually started laying less. My welsummer hen quit laying completely but now that we quit with the lamp she's started laying about one a day again. Are there any other suggestions to up their egg production or is this just par for the course? I also have some questions about the breeds I have. I have 5 RIR and two Welsummers, hen and rooster. And a black one...I really don't know how to tell if she's a black star or a black copper maran...any help would be great. Also, I've noticed my rooster has these rad white ear muffs that I haven't seen on any other welsummer it possible he's mixed? Here's some pictures of my little buddies:[​IMG]

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    Slowing down around this time of the year is quiet normal. The changes in weather, the shorter days of light and also they are approaching their first molt as adults around 12 months, so they may be starting to save energy.

    In regards to your breeds, your black hen looks to me very much like a black star or she could be a Black Copper Marans mix.
    Your rooster looks more like a brown leghorn rooster to me. If you google for Wellsummer rooster and brown leghorn rooster, you will see an identical image of your rooster under the brown leghorn rooster. In any event is a gorgeous rooster you have.

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