New to BYC . Not sure if my Surving Salmon Favorelle is a Hen or a Roo


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Hi everyone!

This is my 1st post so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but I want to give it a try !

I'm also new to the World of Chickendom , but I think I'm doing great as far as taking care of my Babies.

Here's the deal.

I orderderd from other hatcheries and haven't had Any fatalities , however , about 1 month ago, I ordered 1 Salmon Favorelle Rooster and 1 SF hen along with 2 Partridge Cochin hens from Meyer Hatchery.

2 weeks ago, they sent me my Tracking number.

I live in Upper Michigan and they were coming from Ohio
I tracked the shipment and on the 1st day, I saw that my babies travelled from their hatchery , to Detroit ( which was perfect because the next stop would be home at my post office ) , BUT then BACK to their hatchery!!

The hatchery said " we dont know Why that happened , but maybe you'll get them in a day or 2 more "!!!

1 1/2 days later at the post office, I opened the box and the first thing I was greeted with was a SF with SPRADDLE LEGS who never opened his/ her eyes !

ALL of the babies had Pasty Butt , however I caught that in time , cured the remaining Cochin , but I Battled it for Several days with my SF until I learned that maybe lowering the brooder heat and offering Plain Greek Yogurt, might help.

Greek because of the higher protein in it.

Got them home and IMMEDIATELY called them to report it .

I put a Bandaid around the baby's legs , but the poor thing was NEVER able to stand and open eyes and he/she didn't make it thru the night ALONG with a SUDDEN loss of a Cochin !

They did honor their 48 hr guarantee for in store credit or money back on my card but since I will NEVER order from them again, why order more babies just to have them sent Again in Horribly poor packaging ( too much room in box and just 1 hole for breathing )!

Thanks for baring with me this far because here's my question,

I Thought I lost my Roo, but as the other one is now 2 weeks old, I see black /white wing feathers and the same on it's bottom but it has a " poof " of feathers sticking out about 1 inch.

I'll put a pic up shortly too.

It's so sweet and has bonded with my Surving Cochin . Both are " lap chickens"!

Without a pic , could someone venture a guess if I have a boy or girl???

Thank you for listening


Sorry for all the


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Maybe we can get a pic up sooner. You could email it to me and I can post it for you. Just click the email button under my avatar.

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