Apr 10, 2019
Desert lands
Greetings all...
I am new to raising chickens, and as I searched the internet for information,BYC would often appear. I found it to be very educational with very knowlegable members to find the information I needed. I currently have 12 barred rocks that will be 6 weeks old on wednesday, September 30. I havent much knowledge on this subject to share yet, but hope to learn and to be able to pass it on. I am dedicated to raising a flock of healthy happy stress free birds, in return hope to get a steady supply of fresh eggs. I am currently reaserching preventative measures to avoid health issues with my birds. Cleanliness, good nutrition, additives to prevent illness. Currently using a medicated chick starter/ grower, adding acv to the water, 1tbs per gallon twice a week. I feed the chicks fresh oregano and parsley as a treat once a day, and try to give them a supply of crickets and grasshoppers a couple times a week. They seem to be healthy and content, and very active. Thanks, DouglasB.
Welcome to BYC!

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