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8 Years
May 11, 2011
If I can't figure out how to post my photo, I could definitely not have built a proper coop! I made a hundred drawings and I shopped all over the place for something durable and safe. Eventually I decided on the Eglu Cube (green) with an exgtended run. I am really happy with it. Our 5 weeks old girls are safe and roosting tonight for the second time. I am very impressed by the construction and the ease of use. Climbing inside the run is the only inconvenience so far. Hands and knees required as I teach the chicks to go to bed!

Question: Must I close the door every night? Thinking of hot Summer nights. Safety not an issue b/c the run is sealed.
Keep us posted on how the Eglu works out!
from Louisiana ! Is it well ventilated ,if so closing the door would be fine . I generally put mine on lock down when the weather is bad . One major issue , if they are shut in and a snake would happen to make entry there might be mayhem . I hope you are fortified against mice and snakes . Loose feed draws the mice and they and eggs draw the snakes . It sounds like you have a tight ship though .

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You can put a flashlight or small LED light in there, and they should go right in at night.

Posting pics is permitted after you have been around BYC a bit.

The danger in not closing the door at night is digging predators. Even with an apron there is still the possibility of a determined predator digging under (but less likely).
Hi ALittleBitChicken,

For a month now, I have had my Eglu Go--- I also have concerns about the summer heat. (we are in South Texas)....

Where I live there are lots of predators too--- I do leave the 'coop' door open, and I feel that the run is secure enough. I have dogs near by should anything big come in the yard, but I know in past years we had raccoons, skunks and armadillos in the yard and the raccoons and skunks even on the porch to munch some cat I was quite concerned.

I bought a product called 'solar night eyes' that is magnetic, holds on the the wire mesh of the run and flashes red LED's at night. It is supposed to deter critters who think some other predator has already gotten to that terratory. Since it is charged by the sun, it is no trouble. Occasionally I dust off the solar top. They are photovoltaic and only turn on at night (or when the sky gets really dark for a storm in daytime) . So for the first couple of weeks, I closed and opened every night and morning, and now I leave it open and rely on the run. There are also pegs and 'earth stapels' that you could use to be sure that the edges of your run are tightly adhered to the ground. (if you move yours around)

Do you enter the run through the little hatch door or do you have it arranged so that you can fold down the entire top section at the (entrance) end.

It sounds like your chickens are very lucky to have you.
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