New to Candling, what do I need?

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7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC

I've only ever bought day old chicks (seemed like the best way to guarantee breed and sex, plus they're cheaper and more likely to survive). However, I thought trying to hatch eggs would be really fun for my kids. Fingers crossed they hatch and aren't all males because we can't keep roosters!

Eggs should be here tomorrow (forced to order online, no one around here selling fertile eggs-- guess the whole not keeping a rooster thing). I have the incubator up and running. Now my question is how to candle....

Do I need a certain type of flashlight or anything for best results? I've seen specific candling lights, but they're really expensive and won't be here in time.

Anyone know of any resources with photos of what I should be looking for at each candling? (I searched on here, but couldn't find what I was looking for, maybe I didn't type the right thing.)

I just use a regular small flash light. Unless it's real dark eggs then you need something a little stronger. I know there has been pics posted on here on what the embryo development looks like during incubation.
Yes, a small LED flashlight works fine for most eggs. As you are new to hatching I would suggest you wait about 10 days before candling.

By then you will see the obvious "glow" of an non-developing egg and the difference in the ones that are developing.

Many people, new to hatching, have mistakenly tossed developing eggs because they could not see clearly enough.

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