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Mar 22, 2014
So I purchased some chickens from a local farm store and later found out we can't have chickens in our city. So I built a coop and they are 6wks old now and I have them in my garage. I shut the heat lamp off when the temp gets above 65 degrees in there, so my question is will they be fine without much sunlight in there. I live in southern MN so it's getting warmer here but I'm kind of laying low until I hear if we get this ordinance passed, it going through the city council as we speak but I want the chicks to be fine and how long can I keep them in there without letting them outside. I'm just staying positive because my kids are in love with them. I did speak with my neighbors and they seem fine with it. My coop is 4by6 so they have room right now but just not sure if I need to get them outside. Thanks in advance for your replies!!


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Apr 2, 2013
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I'm new to chickens, too, but from what I've read, your chickens are still young enough to count as brooder chicks, so they wouldn't be outside yet, anyway.

A broad spectrum lamp (or a flourescent bulb) during daylight hours might be enough light for a short period, but I definitely wouldn't keep them in the garage too far past the 12 week mark.

Of course, this is a case of "the blind leading the blind," since I'm even newer than you are (my chicks are only one week old).

Good luck with the ordinance.


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they need heat around 95 to start out, then drop 5 degrees each week. keep a thermometer in there. make sure they can move away from the heat lamp to get cool. the light should always be on (red lamp). as for ordinance, experience...... happy neighbors don't complain. the only reason the officials would stop you is rooster crowing. keep the smell down, share the eggs and no rooster. Ordinance is to stop crowing, barking, etc. obnoxious smells etc from farm animals. Keep it professional and they wont cause you problems.


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Oct 9, 2013
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Your temp is fine for 6 week olds but some sunlight would be good for them ...

This is what I put my chicks in starting at week 3 ...

Chicks really do not make much noise and a cover on the top
and three sides is alright

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