New to chickens and ducks


May 15, 2015
West Texas
Hello my name is Bridget
I became the keeper of chicken and ducks when my bosses son brought them home from tractor supply. Let's just say I was unprepared. All but one of the 15 chicks and 2 ducklings died for unknown reasons or where killed by the dog. :( not to worry he restocked the flock with 18 chicks and 4 ducklings. This round I was more ready for and had a coop for them to going to so they are safe and I had read about common problems chicks have so we have not lost any to things like pasty bottom. I am working on the run to keep them safe outside and a duck house.

I am looking forward to shearing and learning here
Hi Bridget nice to meet you. Wonder what he was thinking when he dumped all those on you with no warning. What did he expect you could do with them? Men

Hope things go much better this time around. Did you want chickens and ducks? Or just fall victim to them?
It is my job as the ranch hand to care for all the ranch animals horses, a goat, sheep, a llama, donkeys, dogs, and know chickens and ducks. I have always wanted chickens. So I am ok with it now that they are safe. The bosses son is 12 and had no idea the work involved in keeping this birds, and we have had a talk about that.
Hi Bridget, welcome to BYC!

Glad you're off to a better start this time around. It sounds like you have a lot of animals to take care of!

There are a lot of friendly and knowledgeable members here on BYC so feel free to ask any questions you may have.

It's nice to have you join us!

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