New to Chickens and to BYC!

Oct 14, 2018
Upstate New York
Hi Everyone!

I live in Upstate New York. I'm "new to chickens," just started my first flock ever this past spring. They are a mixed flock (with more roosters than I planned on having!). Right now, the flock is 23 birds strong. I have 7 silkies (one is the "head roo"), 5 bantam cochins (two unintended roos), 2 polish hens, one bantam wyandotte, one French Copper Marans, a pair of mille fleurs, one Buff Orpington, two Cream Crested Legbars, and two Easter Eggers. Does that add up to 23? (LOL). I wanted to do a mixed flock because all the birds are so lovely! And I wanted an assortment of egg sizes and colors too. If I could have two of each type of chicken, I would! :D

I discovered by "googling" looking for answers to my beginner's chicken questions. I've finally decided to join and look forward to networking with all of you in the BYC flock!

We also share our home with 2 rescue cats (they were 4 in the pride, but the eldest two died very recently). We also have a bottle-baby yak here with us. We recently adopted an 11 month old Great Pyrenees rescue pup.

This year we planted over 100 lavender plants! It's a joy to weed them; the scent is heavenly and makes that particular work very easy!

I look forward to networking with you all, and learning from you too. I'll be posting my first question with photos tomorrow or the next day... I've a polish hen whose wing and tail feathers are just sticks! She's been that way all summer, after she went broody in 90 degree heat, sat on eggs that didn't hatch. What a stressful job! I just kept waiting for her feathers to molt (she hasn't) and grow back (they haven't). Now I'm worried winter is coming and she isn't full-feathered at all! There's a preview of my post-to-come... any early feedback appreciated!


Mar 22, 2016
Mid Michigan

Glad you're here!
Check out our learning center for great information!

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