New to chickens... but determined.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Hi there! I've been browsing the forum and have learned some interesting things already. But I figure it's time I start asking questions, so I can learn more detailed info from you guys.

My grandfather had chickens when I was a child. DH's grandfather has chickens.

Neither myself nor DH have ever had a fresh egg. Seriously.

So, in an attempt to become more self sufficient, we've decided to get a couple hens and give it a try, just for fresh eggs. We eat a lot of eggs, my family of four goes through at least half a dozen a day between breakfast and components of various meals.

We currently do not have any chickens. But hopefully will within a couple of months.

DH and I have sit back and thought about what our grandfathers had in way of coops and flocks and what we could remember of the care they provided for their chickens.... my memory is limited as it's been a long time ago and Paw's chickens were mean so I didn't really go near them. DH's Granddad lives two states away so his interactions with the chickens was limited.

So, I'll be lurking around and posting to see what you guys can tell us and share with us and that sort of thing.
from NC! In the planning process myself - you have found the place to come for a million awesome ideas!

Good luck!


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