New to chickens , how am I doing ?

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Sep 14, 2019
Im new New to rasing chickens these were Bought at tsc almost 2 weeks ago , i have 4 brown hens and 4 brahama un sexed , they seem to be doing quite well so far, they will be kind of a backyard freerange chicken kept for eggs when they are old enough , i live in michigan so i figure more than likely first of sping till they accualy live outdoors with a coup...i have let them outside a fue times when its sunny and warm n they love it , i feed them a basic chick food , oats ,fruits n veggys ...dewormed with ditomacatous earth and a light dusting on back to keep any pest away


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Hi and welcome to BYC.

Here are some links to useful resources:

Best wishes

Pork Pie
Thanks for the input ..the brooder they r in now is 4ftx3ft an I'm going to add another row on to to make it taller, they will b kept in my back yard with privacy fence an working on building a pallet coup within the next fue weeks for them ..just wasn't really sure when they are of age enough to b outside here with Michigan weather an they do dust themselves here n there when they r out free ranging

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