New to Chickens


Jun 22, 2016
Hello! I am brand new to having chickens....I received a bantam cochin pullet that's 2 about 5 weeks ago, with 3 of her babies. They're about 10 weeks old now. It's been REALLY hot and humid here nonstop for about 6-8 weeks, mid-high 90's,lots of humidity, I also have a very small coop and they can't be free range due to their size and my barn cats..but my hen hasn't started laying yet even though she no longer cares for the chicks. Does anyone know what could be delaying it? She's eating and drinking okay, I'm just thinking it may be the heat, and maybe unhappiness from coop size? I won't be able to get a bigger coop for a while, and everyone told me this was big enough but all my chickens try to run out whenever I open the door. I also thought I'd make them free range, but since cochins are so small, I'm worried my barn cats will kill them. Does anyone know when she should start laying again? Thanks!
Bantam cochins aren't big egg producers. It's hard to say when she will resume, and then she probably will lay for a bit and than go broody again. I get spurts of production out of mine. Mine free range, I haven't noticed the cat even looking at them, but my cat is well fed and a bit of a chicken.

You could put up a fence around the coop where they can come out but still have some protection.

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