New to Colorado questions


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9 Years
May 1, 2010
We are about to move from Texas (Parker county) to Colorado, in Custer county near Westcliffe. We will be in the foothills and know that there is plenty of coyotes and bear where we are about to move to. We aren't giving up our chickens cause we LOVE the eggs but need to know how to combat some of the issues we don't have here in Texas. Do the bears bother the chickens much at night or for that matter in the day? How sturdy of a coop do I need and should I go ahead and insulate it for the cold? We've had chickens a while and let them free range but have predator fence up so we don't really worry about coyotes (unless the chooks decide to hop the fence). What other things would be good to know about the move? We've lost a rooster already to a 'yote but the new one is a lot "smarter". We hate losing anything but are fortunate it was only a rooster and not one of our layers. Thanks for the pointers!

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