New to Coop: Best Roost Spots and Heirarchy?


Mar 16, 2020
Spooner, WI
My Coop
My Coop
12, 9 week old chicks have been in their new coop for one week. Within two days, they knew to fly up to roost area (versus me going in when dark and putting them up). I've noticed that when I go out there just to make sure, I see 10 of the 12 chicks are huddled up - literally ON TOP OF EACH OTHER - in one corner of the roost area, while two - my Barnevelder and my Olive Egger - are sitting nicely on the roost, snuggled up to each other, but way on the other end of the roost area. Is the pile of chickens the best spot in the roost?

My Barnevelder is the lowest chicken on the ladder. She's so shy, is always pushed out of treat time, and is usually off on her own. I feel bad for her so I try to make sure she get's extra treats when I can and hold and pet her when I can calmly handle her. The Olive Egger is maybe #2 or 3 from the bottom of the 'chicken ladder'. Do they know this and that's why they are not piled in with the others but off on their own? I have not gone out there in the middle of the night to check if they've integrated so can't confirm they stay this way all night. At least she has a sleeping buddy but I just found this odd.
'Piling' is for comfort when scared.
Do you have roosts for them to sleep on?
Low birds are often kept to the perimeter of flock activities.
Yes - there is a roost bar, and I have seen that they sit on it but when I've seen them at night, most of them (except for the two) are in a pile. Should I go out there when dark and put them on the roost bar? The birds that are 'piling' are the top birds so that's why I found this all so weird.

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