New to ducks. Is this the beginning of Angel wing?


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Aug 29, 2009
Oregon City, OR
I'm new to ducks and not sure what I'm doing exactly. My chickens have been so easy I figured I would give ducks a try. They are fun but not what I expected.

One of the two ducks has wing feathers that don't seem right. The appear to stick straight up. I rarely see these feathers on the other duck so I'm concerned.

If this is angel wing I want to catch it early.

[I feed them Organic Pride chick starter/grower (20% protein, niacin is the 13th ingredient). I've used this feed for all my chicks and broilers.]
It looks like it might be the start of angel wing. I would switch to duck grower or Purina Flock Raiser. Good luck!
It is when their wings flip out in an unnatural position. Sorry, I am really bad at explaining this!
If you Googled it I am sure you could find info about it.
Yep they are fine right now. Like the above poster said, if they start going away from the body, then its the start of angel wing.
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I'll hold off on panicking then. It had crossed my mind that the top feathers weren't covering them like the other duck's were. Just wanted to be sure.
Thanks everyone.

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