NEW TO DUCKS, Pekin, Mallard and maybe a khaki campbell...?


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Jul 5, 2009
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Im new to ducks, just bought ducklings 3 days old, 4 of them at TS and one might be a Kahki campbell not sure....have them in a rabbit hutch with water, lamp and shavings and food..... know that I treat them like my flocks, not out until they get there feathers....BUT....

I need to know and see a couple of housing areas for them ....get ideas. I have at present a dog kennel run that is maybe 6 x 20, its huge is all I know. and it has netting on the top as cover I use to have chickens in it when my mother in law got rid of her's we brought them here to sell and did in one day.

But I know I can put my ducks in there, but what about housing??? Nest????

can you all post pics of yours and for a pond I thought of a small childs pool wit bricks in it so they can get out and sun...and also to step into he pool...???
Ok here are the pics...I did some research on the net, and from Im seeing is Mallards can also look to be in a grayish color, two maybe the girl was wrong????
I also need to know how to house they roost?? so do I need roost, how high? I basically treat them like my hens? I know I can add a pool....HELP I NEED TO SEE PICS OF HOW TO HOUSE MY BABIES.

I tried to get every angle to see if you all can help me and say if its a Mallard or Khaki Campbell

whatever it is...its very pretty...the legs are two tone, pink and black...

the yellow one's are Pekin they are all 3 days old


ALL SMALL PICS....hmmmmm
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Your "mallard" is most likely a Rouen. They look just like a mallard but are a bigger bird and are not a migratory duck
Very cute!!
So my little gray two tone is maybe a Rouen???

so can you tell me on housing them, roosting?...and will they fly away when they grow up?

2 pekins, one blue sweish, and one rouen.

Blue swedish = gray one with yellow stomach

Rouen = One with 2 eye stripes, blakc and yellow

Pekin = 2 Yellow ones!


(None of them fly! So you don't have to worry about that. I house mine in a chainlink dog kennel, from home depot with add on's (I'll post a pic), and mine don't roost.)





Oh God! Another name thrown in. The blk with yellow might be a Roune! The sign at TSC said mallards.....the yellows are PEKIN!???? OH GOSH, now let me go read on blue swedish. Not that its matters just like to know. Thanks all. Can you tell me about housing.....and when. Can they Swim?
It looks like you have

1 rouen - Mallard looking one

1 blue swedish - grey one with a yellow bib

2 pekings - the yellow ones

i usually let mine swim around 2 weeks as a precuotionary but I think they could swim before that

you could house them in any indoor cage, or any outdoor cage at about 7-9 weeks, depending on how big they are by then. But be careful they cant slip trough any parts of the cage.
i use rabbit hutches for my ducklings. And none of them fly except maybe the swedish, not sure because some of my swedishes fly, and some dont. hope I helped
Ok, they are about 4-5 days old now...according to TSC when I got them they were about 2-3 days old...I figured they could probably swim like in the tub with very little water, or a baby tub...but not unsupervised. but then I read somewhere that they couldnt as they didnt have there feathers that produce oil for them to swim and be safe......?

Im keeping them in my bathroom with a red heat lamp in a rabbit hutch,plastic bottom and wire top...have a waterer and food bowl in there and shavings.

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