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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jsawler, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I have 3 rouen ducks , and one that is all black with a white throat(no idea what it's called). they are now full grown. I am keeping them over the winter as pets . but I needed to know how to winter them. do they need to swim in water over the winter? or just to drink? can I keep them with chickens over the winter?any help would be very appreciated. I live in eastern Canada, and freezing water is obviously the issue.......[​IMG]
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    sorry , I see now.....a black swede!
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    would still love to have an answer on this winter water situation guys?!?!?
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    Look for 2gal heated water buckets, or use a bigger one with a board over top to prevent swimming. Full baths are a special occasion in winter here at my farm. :)
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    perfect! thank you! I was wondering if they have to bath or not! so as long as they have water they are good!thank you for the response!
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    Yep, bathing not needed, but they do need deep enough water to dunk their nose and eyes.

    I use a flexible black plastic/rubber horse feeding pan. Maybe 6 or 8 inches deep and 1.5 feet across. I use a stock tank de-icer, one that can touch plastic, to keep it thawed.

    The ducks and chickens can be kept together.

    I know one lady who set up a two foot tall shelter on the side of her coop. It is two, or two and a half feet deep. Even though her ducks could go into the chicken coop, they prefer to stay in the box/shelter thing. They really don't need as much shelter and warmth as the chickens.
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    If you do want them to be able to bathe, a bird bath heater works great in a small kiddie pool. Be aware that it will create ice around the perimeter from splashing and dumping, but my personal opinion is that it is worth it to allow them to bathe over the winter. I used heated dog bowls with a rock in them in their shed for drinking/face washing.
    I add some cracked corn to their feed during the coldest months. They should have a place that is secure from dusk to dawn, safe from predators, and a place to get out of the elements if they choose. I bed my shed deeply in the winter so they can snuggle in if they feel the need to.
    They are pretty hardy, but still need a bit of extra attention when the temperature takes a nose dive.
    Good luck.
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    thank you for the responses guys. very appreciated![​IMG]

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