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Hi I would love to hear about your ducks further on down the road- I was tempted to try that breed. My advice is to put their water on a platform or something easy to clean if you don't have a pond. What a mess!! Sounds like you are clever for starting with two ducks, not like me ... I started with ten ... It was a lot of work and trial and error. Good luck! Did you get girls?
Hi! Nice to hear from you! I decided to try the Welsh Harlequin. It was a toss up between them or khaki Campbell. My husband liked the color markings on the Welsh. Me too. We ordered a drake and a hen. Hope I don't regret that! They're supposed to arrive on the 8th.Will do on the platform idea! Sounds like good advice!
Yes, either raise the water or raise the surrounding bedding or both. They tend to be a little sloppy with the water
then they're on wet bedding. It's a real pain and stinky!

I built a 1X2 wooden frame and covered it with 1/4" hardware cloth for the bedding area and separated the water a few inches away, also raised, with litter around it. That way when water was spilled it soaked up around the fountion or ran under the bedding frame but their bedding was dry. When cleaning, I pulled the bedding frame and cleaned the wet mess up, then I dumped the used dry bedding around the waterer and they got fresh bedding on the frame.

Besides, don't worry too much, the birds will have you trained pretty quickly.

Enjoy your birds
Sorry to put a dampner out here but I would order 3 if I were you. If 1 of your ducks dies for what ever reason then at least it still has a buddy and your not having to go out looking for one then to keep them separated for a while then introductions. Just a suggestion!!
WoW! Someone else who picked WH's!
I hope to order mine this week. Almost finished with my twin chicken houses/runs.
Have plans drawn for turkey (area?). Chomping at the bit to got my ducks now!

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