11 Years
Apr 8, 2008
I have been getting chicks from the feed stores around the area for the past few weeks. I am starting to notice that on their legs they are getting what looks like a hook or claw. I was wondering if the hens get a smaller version like the roosters. If not I might have 5-6 out of 10 chicks being roosters.


12 Years
Jan 12, 2008
Nor Cal
First of all, Welcome!

Now, about those chickies. At only a few weeks of age, all of the chicks regardless of gender will have small "spur bumbs" on their lower legs towards their ankles. Most roosters, as I understand, do not begin developing full on spurs until much older.

Most feed stores only sell pullets, as long as they are not bantam. So the chances are pretty good that you will have mostly hens in there, assuming that your feed store does not order straight run. If you post pics of them* we will be able to help you determine what sex they are.

* In order to post pics on this site, you must first load them onto a host site, such as . Then, click on the "img code" beneath the uploaded image, and paste it into your post. This should get the pic up so we can see it.

Again, welcome!!!

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