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    My son really wants to try to hatch some of our chickens eggs. I am wondering what a good incubator is. I need one that does not require constant supervision as we are gone to work or out and about often. So i guess i need an automatic turner? We are looking for about 10 or so hatchlings. If you have any recommendations that would be great! It also needs to be cat proof. They never attack out chickens (stalk them yes) but they are so very curious about anything new in the house. Hopefully I can find some non frozen eggs to hatch. Our chickens don't seem to like to lay at a regular time so we can't seem to get to the eggs before the below freezing temps do.
    Thank you for any help!
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    The incubator that I have is the Brinsea Mini Advance. Its a small incubator, only holds about 7 eggs with the automatic turner, but it can hold more if you turn them by hand. Its a good first incubator, and it's actually used a lot in classroom hatching projects, because its so simple to use. It has automatic turning, a temperature read out, and an alarm in case temperatures rise or dip too much. I think it has an excellent temperature recovery rate as well- when I open it to turn eggs, within a minute or two its up to the ideal temp.

    Brinsea has other incubators as well, but this was the smallest one that I felt had a good price. I'd say that if you are still looking around, check out the reviews here on BYC- there are lots of good styles, and even instructions to make your own! And see who else chimes in as well.
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