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Hi My name is Andie, I just acquired 14 new baby chicks, 6 Barred Rocks and 8 Americaunans. I did a lot of reading up on how to care for them. They will be a week old tomorrow. They seem to love when I dip my finger into their water and then into their food, then eating it off my finger. They go nuts over it. My question is, would it be ok to make a mash out of their food with a little water and give it to them to eat?
No! it will not hurt them and it will not get too nasty if you use only enough for them to eat during the day. I feed my chicks fermented feed (mash like consistency) twice a day and they eat it all up. I make sure to pay attention to when they are eating it all and are still hungry etc. They love the mash, and because the grains swell they are not as likely to waste the food because it is not as easy for them to spill it. Also, it makes the food last a little longer.

So, if your chicks like it then go for it!! Mine love theirs! And feel free to check out the thread on fermenting feed! It is very informative!
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Thanks everyone for the replies and all the welcomes !!! I will try this on my chicks tomorrow.

Thanks again everyone !!!

PS I'm here in Maine

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