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    I rescued 7 chickens early in December and although I have had other pets all my life, some of these new conditions are a mystery to me. This winter has not been easy to deal with either so I try to avoid illnesses with excellent nutrition, good housekeeping and keen perception. I've had one hen in the basement recuperating from what I thought was "vent gleet". Her name has become Stinky due to the number of times that I have to change her kennel pads. She is eating normally now, has normal stools, but is underweight and not strong enough to return to the flock. Has anyone heard of the preening gland getting infected or cancerous? My Australorp has had a very red swollen area about two inches square just before her tail. Feathers would try to grow, but she would pick the area bare.I though perhaps feather mites were irritating her so I treated her and the coup for those. I also tried antibacterial ointment under a saddle for a few days and that didn't help. I should get a picture of it. Very red and warm and the skin is very thick and callous like a growth. Sweet bird, good layer. Doesn't seem to affect her appetite. She has to keep her tail up though because the other hens are curious about her condition and will peck at it. Any suggestions would help. Thanks! Katie
  2. Alright Katie, [​IMG] great to have you in the flock [​IMG]

    Are you washing her bottom with Dawn dish soap to keep
    down the irritation and have you been using Probiotic in
    the water, Electrolyte for dehydration .......

    I know that this might sound different but some cooked
    egg's with out the shell will do your chicken a world of
    good [​IMG]
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    Hi there, [​IMG] and welcome to BYC!

    I have heard of preen glands becoming clogged. You can soak the entire bird up to her preen gland in warm water and massage the gland to help loosen what ever is blocking it up. Vitamin deficiencies can cause preen gland issues as well. It may also be a fungus on her skin. Try some vaginal cream in it for a couple of days to see it that won't clear it up. If you just can't figure it all out, spray some Blu-kote on it. Blu-kote is an antibacterial and an antifungal. It is also a dark color and the other chickens should leave that area lone because her skin won't be showing. Keep the area sprayed until it heals.

    You also might get these two birds on some probiotics in their water. Probiotics really boost the immune system and can heal up the bird all over.

    Good luck with your birds and enjoy BYC!
  5. Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]
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    Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC!
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]We're glad to have you.
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    Yes to bottom washing, twice now. I think Stinky likes the attention. When I blow dry her she purrs. Likes to have her head and comb stroked as well. Yes to electrolytes and probiotics. Yes to plain yogurt with honey and yes to scrambled eggs, cabbage, apples, oranges, oatmeal, but mostly layer crumbles. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    Great suggestions! I'll try the soak tomorrow. I do have some BluCote as well.

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