New to incubating questions on using Brower Model#11670-3 incubator


10 Years
Jun 7, 2009
I am wanting to incubate some eggs and I borrowed my parents old brower metal incubator. They havent used it in almost 20 years and can't remember how to use it. Does anybodie have any suggestions?
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You:D


11 Years
Jul 22, 2008
N'rn Wisconsin
I have (and am currently using) a Brower 845...

Mine is a 50-egg incubator. If yours is a Brower 846, then it is the 100-egg incubator, but pretty much the same.

I got mine from a guy I work with, who had it up in his garage for a bunch of years. He got it from a guy he worked with, who had it up in *his* garage for a bunch of years.

Playing around with it, I figured out that you have to turn the screw counter-clockwise to raise the temp, and clockwise to lower the temp. I drew on it with a Sharpie so I wouldn't forget.

The wing-nut acts as a lock, so you can set the temp right where you want it, and lock the screw in place.

My one suggestion is to replace the wafer. That's the thing that looks like some tuna-can lids soldered together. It expands as it heats up and contacts the switch to turn off the heat. As they age, the solder cracks, and the ether inside evaporates. I used mine this spring with nine eggs, and learned the hard-way that the wafer was bad... The temp would fluctuate widely, and went up to 107 one day and cooked most of my eggs.

I have eleven Ameraucana eggs in mine, on day eleven. I'm using a lizard thermostat instead of the wafer.


11 Years
Apr 19, 2008
Bedias, TX
I have the 845 as well. Great incubator, as long as you replace the wafer when needed.

Have 25 EE eggs and some coturnix eggs in it right now.

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