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  1. mvc_33

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    Feb 15, 2009
    I could use some advice on incubating? We have around 100 chickens of many different types and my husband wants to hatch some babies so we got an incubator. It is a still air incubator and we found out that different chickens need different temperatures. Right now we were going to try hatching the silver sebrights eggs till we get the other breeds seperated. What temperature is best and humidity? For now we have the incubator in the house untill he builds something for it to go in. Anyways we've let our chickens set in the past and would have to rescue the babies from the hens pecking them. Our chickens don't seem to be very friendly to the babies is this common? Thanks to whomever answers me. We appreciate it.
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    Jan 10, 2009
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    Temp 99.5 degrees but you might check your instruction book as I think a still air might be a little higher. You should have two water trays molded into the bottom of your bator, I always start out with the larger of the two to be filled with water. Start your incubator at least one day before setting your eggs. Do you have a automatic turner? If you don't you will have to mark your eggs with an "X" on one side of the egg and an "O" on the other so when you turn the eggs you can keep tract of which have been turned. Turn your eggs three times a day (before work, as soon as you get home and then right before you go to bed) Do this for 18 days then fill both trays with water and do not turn anymore and they should hatch on day 21. Try and get fresh eggs and do not hold longer than seven days. Hope this helps, might sould like a big deal but it will well worth your trouble.
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    Still-air incubator (no fan):101.5 degrees.
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    Common temps for still airs 101 to 102 nothing higher.

    Forced air (fan) 99.8 or 100

    Humidity levels vary on your climate and house conditions. I use a range of 40 to 50% the first 18 days. 60 to 70% the last three days of incubation.

    Adult chickens can be cruel to newly hatched chicks, it helps when they have a goody broody mother to fend off the adults but sometimes that does not work out well. I keep my broody hen and chicks separated from the older chickens. When it's time for the broody to go back with the adults I keep the young in grow out pens til they are almost the same size as the older hens and can fend for themselves. Older chickens will sometimes starve out the young by not letting them eat & drink, thats when extra feeders and waterers come in handy.
  5. mvc_33

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Thank you very much to all of you! I have to get a surge protector tomorrow and then will start incubating some of the sebright eggs. We do have an egg turner so that will make it a little easier I guess. Anyways hopefully it will go okay. I really want some babies hehe.
    Thanks again!

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