New to pheasants - need incubator advice

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    Hi - I am new to pheasants and have just purchased a Yellow Gold pair of pheasants and a Lady Amherst hen that are all enclosed together. They are laying eggs and I would like to incubate. I have a Little Giant incubator but am concerned because the last few chicken hatches I have done didn't do very well. I am looking into a new incubator and would like some advice before purchasing. Also, I need to know how long you can hold pheasant eggs before incubating and what temps and humidity are needed for them. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Mar 2, 2009
    #1 Seperate Them! They Will Interbreed!!

    As Far As Temp/ Humidity 99.5 Forced Air/ 100.5 Still Air Measured At The Top Of The Eggs.. Humidity 45-55% For Incubation And Bump Up To 55-65% For Hatch

    Brinseas Octagon Models Are About The Best For The Money In Small Table Top Incubators

    Hold For Up To 10 Days... Usually Try Not To Go Past 7 Myself
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    Quote:two of the prettiest pheasant IMO
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    Yellow golden & Lady A's are good choices for beginners. Before I bought cabinet incubators i used the Hovabator w/ fan, I still use it for small hatches. I hatched a lot of things in it from Seramas to Emus.
    Also broody hens are good, bantam Cochins or Silkies are good hatchers if you want to go a natural route. I keep mine no longer than about 5 days but have been known to toss in an older one from time to time. I think a week is average max. I let them warm up to room temp for a day or so then stick them in. I've hatched them along with baby chicks and turkeys etc... but I do not raise them together if I can help it as they are prone to different illnesses. Like stated above, it is frowned upon to incubate crosses or hybrid eggs. Often these birds are hatched then passed off to someone else as a "pure" bird, then rebred possibly and starts messing up the gene pool. I personally like the look of some crosses, but don't hatch any because fear of them getting into the wrong hands. Their should be some accepted practice type of altering of the bird to show it as a Hybrid, such as pinioning a wing or a tattoo or something since most people don't pinion pheasants, to be able to tell they are not pure birds..... [​IMG]
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    I appreciate the information. I am planning to separate them, but I need to find a Lady A rooster. Anyone know where I can find one?
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    Quote:Really good idea about the pinion or tattooing or some type for crosses. I was thinking about doing the same thing IF...IF..I decide to cross any of my pheasant colors. Will probably decide not to cross since I really like the pure blood lines of birds...It shows the pure beauty of the wild ones.


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