New to Quail, a few questions


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Dec 29, 2010
I read through the stickies but I'm having trouble finding answers. I live in a duplex & I'm looking for a more quiet option in addition to the 3 pullets currently in my backyard.

Are quail noisy (I am not planning on having males)?

Do I need to have a male?

How many can I keep in a rabbit hutch?

At what age do they start to lay eggs?

Are they productive layers?

How long will they lay?

Are they more or less work than chickens?

Any other advice?

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roo's are noisy the hens not so much,dont need a male to get eggs only to get babies
, laying depends what kind of quail you get,yes very productive in the right atmosphere, little more tending to then chickens, first decide what kind of quail you want, then ask this question again ...i could have helped more
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I just wanted to add that I've had quail indoors that laid for about 2 years. They lived until about 2 1/2 years. They had supplemental light and laid the whole time. The male I have from the same hatch is about 4 years old now. He's still going strong but he doesn't crow anymore. Some people here have quail up to 9 years old. Some have quail 5-6 years and still laying. Just like chickens though, they outlive their productive lives, so you have to think about what to do with birds that are no longer laying (keep them as pets, eat them, etc.)

If you keep them indoors, they aren't very noisy. Your neighbors won't hear them. Depending on how light a sleeper you are, the boys may wake you up during the Summer. I have mine in a spare room and I shut the door at night.

I've never had chickens, but they aren't really any more care than any other pet, I would think. You need to clean their cage everyday (if indoors) or whatever interval you can stand. They smell a lot like chickens. Check for food and fresh water, collect eggs, give treats. That's about it.

I would look for a rabbit hutch with a wire bottom and pull out tray. Not a wireless cage that you use litter with. It will make your life easier and will be cleaner overall.

1 sq. ft. per bird is a good rule of thumb. I have mine a little tighter, but they are pets and I keep a good eye on everyone and check at least 2-3 times a day for ANY changes/fights/squabbles. Also, the are all brood mates so they were all hatched and raised together.

I do keep a spare cage/enclosure for a hospital/isolation cage. Right now, its the plastic rubbermaid-type containers that I use for brooders.

Also, since you have chickens already, they need to be kept separately from the quail as quail are susceptible to diseases that chickens can carry.

Hopefully, that helps!


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Ok I'm Fixin To Toss The Wrench In The Gears Here...

What Species Of Quail? Because So Far All Your Answers Received Only Apply To 1 Species


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May 23, 2011
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exactly my point, first post says that they live in small area where can't be noisy, so i answered all about coturnix as they are the most docile and easiest to raise for new people to the species.


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Jun 28, 2011
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My answers were assuming cots.

I can't comment on the other species. Haven't even seen anything else in person.

But based on the three pullets and "duplex" housing and questions on rabbit hutches, I'm thinking anything other than cots would be pushing it.


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I second the motion for a wire bottom cage. I first brought my Coturnix inside into a solid bottom cage and was very dilligent with replacing bedding. The result? I named them "Stinky Goobers" and DH was quite happy to (pry) open the wallet and get the cage with the wire bottom!
Rabbit hutch? Did that for a bit. They are really good at going straiht up and out! Front or side opening doors for me now!!

I would like to add that :
IMO, Coturnix and chickens have quite different smells to them.

More or less work? Neither - it's the difference between a coop/run and a cage - indoor/outdoor. For me, daily maintenance for both, but not comprable.....

Noisy - I agree with the other posts - my little roo crows, but it's nothing like a chicken rooster! My hens make rather cricket-like sounds, though one day my daughter got angry with me, insisting that I had a frog in the house and wasn't letting her see! Luckily, the quail chirped again when she could see it, but I was in Dutch for a bit!!

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