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10 Years
Sep 29, 2009
West Point, GA
Hello from Georgia,
I'm Heather. I'm new here and to chicken keeping (I used to breed lovebirds and other exotix tropical birds). I just got my very first chicks...5 Easter eggers and one EE/RIR hybrid (an accident that we don't know quite what it will become-but I love surprises!). I lost one of my EE yesterday
(it acted a little weird from the time I got home with it-now all the chicks are on medicated food just in case). They are currently living in my guest bathroom LOL. Thankfully everyone else is happy and energetic. I have a coop in progress, though they will not live in until spring-well outdoors at least-it's being built in my basement an they will move in once they are a few months old (there will likely be a few less of them-they were just straight-run chicks and I can only have hens (I'm in the city)-hopefully it will help harden them off a little before moving outdoors (as well as test my coop design before it outdoors). I hope chicken keeping will be as exciting as I feel like it will be!
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Hi mudpaw! I have lovebirds too, about fifty or so. I can see why you got rid of yours though if you are in the city. They are noisy! I could see their point if city council passed an ordinance limiting the # of lovebirds per household, but they don't. Wonder why not, but one little ol' rooster, IXNAY!

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