new to the game.


8 Years
Jan 15, 2012
Chatham, New York.
I am new to this whole thing. My pigeon, a fantail, is afraid of me. when I go into pet/ grab her, she cowers aways, and walks backwards. She is very clumsy, and, like weebles, she wobbles. What can I do to let her adjust to me? I only got her yesterday, maybe she just has to get to know me.
Spend time daily with her and she should ease up from being scared before long. Offer her a few nice treats every time you go visit with her and that should help things progress a little faster and smoother.
Thanks everybody! Well, all two of you. You were very helpful. Today, she landed on my arm! How cool!? Wow, I feel like Rudolph when he finds out that female reindeer thinks he's cute.
Congrats! You should get some raw spanish peanuts (spanish because that kind is smaller than others and they sell them at walmart haha) and put some in her feed until she gets used to eating them. You may have to break them up a little since fantails are kind of small. Once pigeons get the taste, they go nuts over peanuts (LOL)! It'll make a good snack food for her and it'll make it easier to coax her to eat from your hand, which is a good step in the taming process :)

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