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Rusty Fury III

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Dec 7, 2019
Hi, hello and how are you?

My wife and I started raising ducks in March and April of this year.
Despite that, I'm no stranger to ducks and had a couple when I was in my early teens (2 Pekins & 2 wild/tamed pigeons), and again when I was in my early thirties (10 mallards). Stories about those some other time.

We started off in March '19 with 6 random assortment Silver Appleyard ducklings from Mezter's Farms and 6 random assortment Pekin ducklings from Metzer's as well. In April, we received 3 more Silver Appleyard ducklings from Cackle's Hatchery.

I was new to ordering ducks. And after a few months realized the error of my ways. Random assortment means you get the bottom of the barrel after the ducks and drakes have been selected for shipment. As a result, we ended up with 9 drakes and 6 ducks.

Of note, these aren't pets. Although I told my wife she could pick a couple, name them and we'd keep them. The rest are multi-purpose. My goal is to eat and sell the eggs and meat. To hatch ducklings, sell them and when I get established, I'd like to show the Silver Appleyards. Also, to help further along the progeny of the Silver Appleyard breed of domesticated duck.

Once our SAs reached maturity, it was obvious the "Silver Appleyard" ducks we received, may in fact, not be SAs. Not sure what they are as of this post. Rouens? Mallards? SAs where a recessive gene popped to the top. So, mid summer of this year, we ordered and received about 3 weeks ago, 4 adult show quality/breeder Silver Appleyard ducks and 2 adult show quality/breeder Silver Appleyard drakes from Dave Holderread. For what I paid to have them shipped from Oregon to Virginia, my wife and I could eat duck once a week for quite a few years! Thank you USPS!!!

After we culled out 7 of the drakes from our Spring purchase, with the addition of Holderread's SAs, we now have 9 ducks (7 SAs 2 Pekins) and 4 drakes (4 SAs) for 13 total.

I am almost finished building out a 10'W x 24'L x 7'4"T duck barn. When I started that in March, I thought it would take me a month to build, ha, several months later and I still have a bit more work to do! Pictures of that soon if interested. For the time being, our flock is maintained in a 50'x50'x48" Premier1 poultry fence with hawk/owl/eagle "netting" above and two separate predator proof coops for overnight protection.

Once the duck barn is complete, the poultry netting will be utilized as it is now to allow the ducks daytime outdoor activities; swimming, eating, mating, foraging etc. The 2 predator proof, mobile duck tractors will serve as hospitals, rearing of ducklings etc.

Well, that's us. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and learning more as I go along.

When I have time and if interested, I'll post up some pics of our flock.


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