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Apr 12, 2014
So I got 3 ducklings a week ago and today I notices that the pekin duckling has had its mouth hanging open alot. So I kept making sure they had plenty of water and making surethere noses were cleaned. The two ancona ducklings arent doing it that ive noticed but the pekin duckling is and im worried. Its the biggest out of the ducks so iI dont know if he just gets hotter that the other or what. And he also is making this weird kind of quack. Instead of its usual chirp.
Is he panting? You mention being concerned that he is getting hotter than the other ducklings - what is the temperature in your brooder? Is the brooder big enough that he can move to a cool area away from the heat source you are using (btw, what heat source are you using)?
Well they are inside and its about 80 degrees inside so I turned their heat lamp off ( which is a 100 watt bulb) and have a fan on in the room. They ancona ducklings seem fine but the pekin doesnt sound like it normally does and he looks like its panting but the niose he makes is like a honking like sound.
here is an image. I tried to get it with the ducks mouth like hes had is but he moves his jaw up and down slightly.
also can anyone help me to find out their ages. Ive had them for a week but I bought the at orcinlines and the person wasnt quick sure when they got them. The ducklings already have little tail feathers.
I guess them to be about 3 weeks old, give or take a half week either way. My ducklings always started feathering in with those wispy tail feathers too. They're very cute.

As for the panting, I'd say 80-85'F temp should be okay at that age. Not sure why one would be panting. Did it stop?
At about three weeks voices start to change - you may be hearing that.

Panting can be overheating, nervousness or illness. What is the temperature in the brooder?

Are the nares definitely clear?

What are they being fed?

Do they have access to water 24/7?

I would give poultry vitamins once a week, and twice a week put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per half gallon of drinking water.
Excellent thoughts Amiga. @newducklings, Amiga is right and what she wrote about the ducklings being able to dip their bill to clean the nares is very important. Aim for 2-2.5" deep or so. Some folks make these neat non-spill waterers with recycled plastic containers, you might run a search to find pics. Thank you Amiga.
Yes last night he stopped panting after I picked him up and walked around with him. They are fed unmedicated chicken feed. One of the women at the place I bought the ducks told me that would be okay to feed them. They have ine of the water jugs that puts water in the circular bottom and stops when the base is filled. They all seem to be doing fine now. Thank you for the advice and helping.
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Okay now I have noticed that the pekin duckling seems to only do the panting thing at night and quietly makes a honking niose. I dont see him do this during the day. But I dont know why only the pekin is doing is and the two ancona ducklings arent.

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