New to turkeys, 4 new poults. Pics added


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Apr 29, 2010
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Today after a month of searching I finally got some turkey poults. They were advertised as "Bronze."
After we got home I checked them over a bit more carefully, 3 have crusty around their eyes. I can't be sure that it wasn't just due to poor housing, I met the man at TSC. The crustiness isn't severe or overly noticeable(otherwise I would have seen it and refused them). I believe they may have been under a hen as they've spent the last 4 hours basically motionless. I dont want to put them with my younger chickens until I'm sure the crustiness isn't communicable. Otherwise their eyes are clear and vents and nares seem to be good.
So what can cause watery/crusty eyes in turkeys and is it a risk to healthy chicken chicks?
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No one has any thoughts about these poults?

They're about a week old, still haven't eaten, they're scared to death of people so showing them where food and water is is pointless, they just freak and run to the corner of the brooder and try to get out.
Here are some pics.

How they spent the night, every time I put them under the heat lamp they flipped out and ran to the corners screaming.

One of the crusty eyed poults,

One of the healthier looking ones
I can't be certain as to what would cause the crustiness of the eyes, but I know there are other bird fanciers that would be happy to answer your questions if you message them.

As far as getting them to eat and drink goes, it may be an idea to either put them with you chicks so they could show them where the food and water is and they may make them feel a bit more comfortable too, or you can try handling them and getting them used to you and trying to show them where to eat/drink but that may take longer than introducing them to the chicks. You could also try asking other turkey people for suggestions too. Hopefully, someone other than myself will see this and have a better answer for you.
If they were with chickens it may be an infection, curable though, turkeys and chickens as a rule should not be together, always were when I was growing up but there is a lot of good info on the net for turkeys, Turkeys by nature are sociable so you may need to start them in a small box to get them used to you, as for the food and drink put a teaspoon of sugar in the water and show them and they will start drinking and you may need to show them the food dish a couple times to get them to eat, and thats where the smaller box comes in so they cant go far, also approach them slow, just think how big you are to them and how small they feel when come at them fast.
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