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Apr 3, 2014
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While I've had other poultry I'm new to geese. I just acquired a 5 week old French Dewlap Toulouse in hopes to keep my senior mare company (sounds crazy but has been done many times before!). Right now he's in a brooder with a lamp, I'll bring him out in the yardto explore tomorrow. Any advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated!
Dewlap geese are beautiful! I've got some little 3 week olds going myself.

You might want to get that goose some goose company. Geese really like socializing with their own. However, I don't know much about keeping them as companion animals to horses and what that setup entails...
I took home a duckling from a friend temporarily and tomorrow I'm bringing it back after I get another Toulouse from the local breeder. It was just getting too stressed on its own.
Aw, poor baby. Yeah, ducklings and geese get pretty attached to their siblings...I tried separating the ducklings from the two goslings they were with...It did not go well, both parties cried and cried.

The Toulouse will prefer company of her own species too, so good call.

Is this your first goose? Do you know the youngling's sex?
I ended up with a female Chinese to keep him company, were fairly certain the Toulouse is a gander. Yes, my first geese, we've always had chickens, ducks, etc.

Didn't know I could get attached so easily!

Right now I'm feeding unmedicated gosling/duck crumbles and pasture, I'm wondering how much brewers yeast to give daily for the niacin? I can't find the recommended amount anywhere.

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