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Jan 21, 2018
North Notts, UK
My Coop
Can you make a coop page and add it to your profile if you had it built for you rather than building your own?
You can put whatever you like there. It doesn't matter too much. Some people only put what chickens or animals they have. I see 'my coop' as a little bit of information on all my animals and a bit of my coop and loft. You can do a full article if you have enough pictures and can do a good write up. People will find that useful.
Aug 28, 2020
My Coop
Ok, this is a fun new Trophy: Added Coop Link To Profile (15 points)

To get this new trophy:
  1. Create a new article in our chicken coops section:
  2. Go into your Personal Details and scroll down to "My Coop"
  3. Add the URL to your coop article page

Like this:

View attachment 1057750

... which will create this cool link:
View attachment 1057751
Making this page for we talk about my coop and it's size and stuff like that?

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