New Tyra and Doodle pictures

Mom 2em All

14 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Dora, Alabama
Tyra by my little bush:


Doodle sunning:


Doodle and Henry, best buddies:

Weird to say this, but...I WANT MULE DUCKS SO BAD. They are soo pretty!! Lovin your Birdies!!
Whats your Mule mixed with?
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Tyra really has stolen my heart.

You missed the " t" out in your photo description of Doodle... STUNNING !! is so much he is such a gorgeous colour.
Doodle has become a "flyer".
Now, we all know he is wayyy too heavy to fly.,,but dont tell him that.
He climbs up on the tallest surfaces- yes, CLIMBS- his favorite spot is on top of the rock waterfall in my pond- and launches himself into outer space!

He has done it with a big bird cage that I have to protect my pitiful plant out back...then Launches himself into outerspace again...
the park bench, same thing. Anywhere he can get height then FLAPFLAPFLAP as hard as he can back down to Earth.

He also never shuts up- but he cant make much of a sound, so its hilarious...a hoarse whisper...all day long.

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