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    I was cleaning out my fridge yesterday, emptying Tupperware and ziploc baggies filled with leftovers, when I got a brainstorm. None of the food was moulded. It smelled ok to me, but I didn't think DH or the kids would be happy to see it on their plates again. It was mostly scraps of veggies, potatoes, noodles, a couple slices of pizza the teenagers forgot and was dried out, half a baked potato and a half pattie-melt sandwich from a restaurant. I'm usually pretty good about estimating how much my menfolk eat at a meal, but y'know.. sometimes they just didn't like the seasoning, or there were too many brussels sprouts.

    So I got out my food processor, put the slicer blade in and ground up about a quart of miscellaneous leftovers into chicken sized treats. I emptied the bowl in a line (keeps the girls from crowding the offering and stops the pecking at each other) under the lilac bush and just stood back to watch them have fun.

    Happy hens!
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    That is a fantastic idea! [​IMG]

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