new user need pointers on raising meatest birds

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11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
Hello to all. I am a little new to forums and very new to chicken raising.

Two of my children are in 4h this year and will be raising broilers. They are young; therefore, dad is very much the leader. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

My experience in this area includes:

1. Taking culls(?) from students last year, fattening them, butchering, and
still eating.

2. Reading everything I can find on subject.

My conerns right now are producing the meatest chickens possible. I hope I have all the feeding, watering, temperature, caring, etc. down to at least get started.

We will receive 3 boxes of chickens containing 25 chicks each. We have plenty of room and all the equipment.

a. When do I begin the initial culling process, and what am I looking for?
Each child will be able to have three go to show, so I am needing to
eventually reduce to six.

b. Fresh feed, clean water, clean coops, good temperature -what else can
we do to assure the best possible outcome?

From all I can tell in reading, I am really looking forward to everyone's help on this site. I hope I am not asking something that has been answered a 1000 times already. I am still new to "search" and typing exactly what I need in order to get answers.

Thank you


Can't Decide
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
! You've asked a lot there, so give everyone a little bit of time to answer...I just wanted to be the first to say welcome (unless someone beat me to it while I was typing). I'll post again with my advice (as limited as it is) and other people will be able to help too. Good to have ya!
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