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Jun 4, 2010
WOW. I just joined this site after I was told about this site being so helpful. I've had the gamebirds until my health got me down and got dad into the bird business. We've been trying to raise birds that are mainly for the meat and egg production. I was told this group would give us some much needed help. We're NPIP 1st off and with what we had at 1st were white rock hens and buff orpington roo's so we crossed them and have some very meaty egg laying machines. being NPIP I wasn't able to find anyone with a standard cornish rooster or 2 for our hens. We bought some standard dark cornish chicks 20 males and 20 pullets for our projects. I was told so many things about picking the right cornish roosters for my hens is why I got so many. I was told that fertility is sometimes a problem with the cornish so we're gonna add a few more extra roosters to each flock. I also got more white rock pullets and roosters to go with these dark cornish. These birds are now all 4 months old so when should we put the cornish and the white rock hens together?How many cornish roosters should we put with 10 white rock hens? Will they fight with each other over the hens even though they've all been raised together in the same pen? We're also of course are going to have to raise the dark cornish and the white rocks from now on so we can keep this an on going project. (Dad also has the standard Ameracauna's). We have a big demand for these cornish x's around here and have been reading ALL DAY and MAN are ya'll helpful. Our website( has a place for ya'll to add a link to your website so please join away. NICE SITE THANKS ALOT TexasaMquaileggs

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