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  1. PurpleMoon

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Well according to my sister "walmart".
    She got very upset when she found out the chicken dinner they ate and loved was actually one of our home chickens.
    She got REALLY angry at me! I didnt intend to tell her because it was no big deal to me. She was going to give me a rooster as he was "being bad" at her house and she asked where my "bad roosters " were and I said they were dinner last night! She flipped out and told me that was cruel and she was going to call the ASPC on me ; and I should get my meat from a store like everyone else. Her little boy was crying because of the “dead chicken” and the big scene his mom was making. The poor little guy didn’t really know what to do but react to his moms rant by crying.

    I used to work at Purdu farms and I can tell you that my chicken are well loved. Even the ones on the table! We thank them (A GOD) for the life they gave us! Slaughter houses are nasty ,cruel places.

    ANYWAYS; today came Mr. ASPC and asked me about killing the chickens. He was embarrassed at having to look into a "chicken killing" but they must check it out.
    OH MY was my reaction.
    I was VERY angry and told him that chicken did not spontaneously appear at the local Walmart. Fry chicken was ..well... chicken!
    He mentioned that it was uncommon but not illegal.

    I am just so mad at my sister right now! I really think people are so detached from their food. It is really sad that a person will go to walmart and but chicken and not give it another thought ,but has a heart attack over a chicken that was loved and gave his life for food at the dinner table of a friend.
    What would you say to a family member that called the animal police on you?

    P.S we live in rural alabama

  2. whatsup chickenbutt

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    Sep 9, 2008
    i think i would refer them to this forum. Ive learned a lot about people loving and eating their animals here.
    wow, what a freak. I can understand being grossed out or sad or whatever, but calling animal control? Weird.
  3. Goat_Walker

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    Jul 9, 2008
    I havent had that happen, but I have had that happen to a friend.
    She has peacocks and one of her males was just brutal to all the others as well as the chickens, guineas, goats and even the donkey, so she prepared him for dinner and when her grandkids came over the mother acted the smae way saying" You cant do that! its an endangered species!"

    W-O-W was all I could say between giggles.

    The person I gave my goats to does that. If they arent nice to her grandkids they are dinner. All the animals are very well taken cared for and loved over at her farm so it wasnt anything bad. They just dont want a nasty little rooster around the place.
  4. is all i can say.

    Where does her food come from?? Is the problem that she ate one of the chickens she viewed as hers? I mean was she flipping out becasue in her minds eye she was seeing her rooster as dinner? Or was she mad that you were eating your "pets" in her mind?

    I know it's hard for some people to look into the eyes of their dinner. But for those of us who buy chickens for food, it's more routine. You don't seem to have done anything wrong. I can't imagine that you specifically fed them something that would upset them. Sometimes we just have to let others have their fits, and we gotta keep on keepin on.

    Good luck. I hope she comes around and chills out. In the mean time, you keep enjoying dinner and don't feel guilty. No reason to.

    And I am sure Mr ASPC has rolled his eyes at several similar complaints. I bet you have nothing to worry about.

  5. chickmamawannabe

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Canby, Or-y-gun
    I feel sorry for your nephew! Parents really need to learn to control themselves in front of their children.
    Personally, I can kinda, sorta, maybe see where she's coming from in that maybe she didn't want to eat a bird that she had seen alive. That's kinda how I feel, too. But the way she handled it was way out of line. Maybe you should find some pictures of commercial poultry growers to show her, not to gross her out, but to show her that that's where HER chickens met their demise, while yours at least got to see the sun. I don't understand how your SISTER didn't know that if she ate chicken at your house, then it might just be one of those chickens that you raise for MEAT. [​IMG]
  6. MrGreenJeans

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    Jun 10, 2008

    Too bad it doesn't work for chickens too ! I hope you all get this resolved, otherwise it will make for an uncomfortable holiday season [​IMG]
  7. ChickenTender63

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    Sep 28, 2008
    Alamance, NC
    I am so sorry you had to go through this. I can't really imagine someone really reporting it, let alone your sister. But then again, most of my family members don't agree with me doing this either and think I should also just go to the grocery store.

    Anyways, my thought on this is that this is one reason why we need to really educate our children, and our neighbors children if we have the chance. There isn't anything we can do about the adults that think that way, but it would help to educate the kids so they do understand where that chicken at KFC or wal-mart does come from.

    They aren't just produced in a factory somewhere like a car, or a couch. They are all living, breathing creatures that I am thankful for there sacrafice in order to keep my family fed.

    One day when I really thought long and hard about this and reminded myself about it, my view of any once living food source really changed. We are very careful about not wasting and respect the fact that they gave their life in order for me to eat dinner. And, I respect that.

    Now, if we can just pass that on to the kiddies, we will alll be in better shape.

    Good luck!

  8. Dar

    Dar Crowing

    Jul 31, 2008
    purplemoon... what was the final word from the ASPCA?
  9. what was i thinking

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    Oct 1, 2008
    cny ny
    we had that problem with my sister in law, but not with chickens. my mother raised cows and pigs, just a couple for the family. my sister in law would make her show her the package. then she gave up on asking and never ate any meat at my moms again. they were named tbone and sirloin, it was not secret where they were headed.
    i can't believe that came to look into it. hopefully they told you, you had nothing to worry about and enjoy.

  10. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    I am so sorry you had to go through that nonsense. I cannot begin to list the things I would say to my sister if she ever behaved in such an inmature, idiotic and plain stupid manner.

    Being from Rural Alabama I am sure she is smart enough to know that the meat in stores comes from an animal that was killed. It is a shame that people would rather walk into a store and look through packages of meat that has god only knows what in the meat, rather than eat something they raised and know what it was fed.

    I cannot imagine how you would handle the situation but as for sister would not step foot back on my property until she got her head out of her *** and came up with one heck of an apology.

    Good luck with this one.

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