Newbie from Vermont and other stuff concerning chickens


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012

Hello there!
I'm so exited about finding this site! I'm the caretaker of a barn including a trio of millfleurs, a pair of white silkies and a single buff silkie rooster called Pikachu who I am currently trying to find a hen for. My personal pets are a pair of to silkies . The hen is named Squirt and a the rooster is named Picasso. The real reason I found this place is that someone seems to be picking Squirt's feathers. I think its either her or Pikachu who used to live with her. Squirt's a show bird so perfect feathers are pretty important, and the cold climate here in Vermont doesn't make the problem any better. If anyone has info on that topic please let me know. On the brighter side Picasso seams to be doing perfectly, he is a little skittish and being shy isn't one of my more favored traits so that is another thing for me to be looking into but he has wonderfully gleaming feather and seams to fit the bantam size requirements so hooray to that.
I am also a breeder so I will probably be working on the BYC breed pages cleanup.
I will also be interested in any buff silkie hens for sale so that is something for you readers to keep in mind.
I said it once and I'll say it again "I'm so exited about finding this site!"
from Washington State glad you joined us!
You could try increasing the protein in there diet, sometimes that helps and sometimes you have to seperate because one enjoys
picking at feathers! Good luck!

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