Newbie-help needed


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
We are hatching our very first group of baby chicks and our last chick to hatch has the back of the shell stuck to it's rear end and it looks like there is a small organ on the outside of it's body. It is a small solid rectangle of flesh. It isn't just the umbilical cord. Is this the intestines and if so can anything be done for it? It is still chirping and moving around. I don't want to just let it suffer if it is going to die. What should I do???? Thanks soooo much!
is it the yolk? sometimes the yolk is not fully absorbed. im not really sure since i have never hatched eggs, but maybe someone else will be able to help you. good luck with your little chicks.
If you could post a pic, that would be very helpful. Then one of us will be able to tell you what it is for sure. Is the piece of shell stuck to the protrusion? If so, leave it alone for now until we can get a clear picture what it is. If not, you can put some warm water on it and very gently work it loose.

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