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    Jun 5, 2012
    About six weeks ago we literally inherited a flock of 14 chickens and a rooster. They are a mixed flock of dual purpose birds (rhode island reds, aracaunas, and a couple of black hens). We went to pick them up and the poor things were overcrowded and some of the the hens were missing tail/neck feathers. Otherwise they looked perfectly happy and healthy. However we have no idea as to history (how old, vaccinations, worming, etc.) With the move to a new home some developed loose feces, but it seems intermittent. They have been laying well for all the transitions and changes (7-9 eggs a day) and the eggs have had nice firm shells. The only birds we already ad are two young geese which ar perfectly fine..

    This morning however our rooster started picking on one of the rhode island reds and she is now lethargic and has little interest in life. Other than this they have been very friendly to each other once they realized there was enough room or everyone. I am a vet tech, but my avian experience was limited to my school days 12 years ago.

    This particular chicken is now seperated from the flock with the needed food and water. She is not one of te hens missing feathers, but she has had loose feces. From what I recall, there isn't much hope for this particular chicken, but I want to know what I need to do to get the rest of the flock in tip top shape ...they still look as pathetic as when we got them. I can't see any signs of mites and they take their dust bathes regularly. They now have PLENTY of room, fresh feed and water, but other than that what can/should I do? They all have plenty of flesh on their bones and it is only the hens that who seem to be in this perpetual state of stress (I'll call it stress since I don't have any other ideas.) The rooster is as friendly and healthy as all get out!

    Thanks in advance, I would greatly appreciate any hand holding here to get these girls healthy.
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    I have a few ideas.

    Feed them Gamebird feed.
    Allow them to freerange or add veggies to their diet.
    The missing feathers could be from fighting, the roosters mating with the hens or moulting.

    You can worm them and treat for lice,mites and other pests. Searching byc forums for worming/pest treatment will lead you to the many products you can use.

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