Newbie, how to deal with fleas and mites HELP!!


9 Years
Apr 20, 2010
New Brunswick, Canada
will a dust-bath of DE do the trick or do I need a more specific treatment
i should also mention that I free range them, so that's probably where they got them (I need some prevention methods too)
thanks in advance
Do you have mites or lice ? ? ? There is a huge difference in treatment .

With LICE - - - I just use adams flea and tick dip and dip mine. This has been no problem because we have been so HOT. If you live somewhere cold, you don't want to do this because the birds will stay wet most of the day.

With MITES - - - you have to treat the coop area too. Lice stay on the birds MOSTLY. Mites hop on and off the bird. They hide in dark areas. They are more of a "High Maintenance" problem.

With LICE or MITES - - - you must retreat in a week or so - - - That way you get the hatcing eggs too.

DE will not cure an infestation. It is SUPPOSE to help prevent one, BUT it will not control an infestation.

Somebody else can join in and give you advise on how to treat them if you are in colder country.

I SEE NOW that you are in CANADA - - - ewwww REALLY COLD THERE !
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I did a quick google search because i wasn't sure what I was dealing with exactly. Im pretty sure its lice. Isn't lice worse than fleas (at least as far as getting rid of it on ppl?)
I had read on one site that if I put a dustbath in the coop they would treat themselves and it would suffocate the fleas (or lice)
I don't want to catch any while im in there cleaning it up, my house is covered in carpet and it would be hell if they got in
I just finished with the mite thing, I took all the bedding [saw dust] out of the duck and chickens houses then I used sevin concentrate mixed with water and sprayed top to bottom both houses. kept them closed up all day till everything was dry then put down light layer of bedding, because I had to do it again in 10 days. I used Pour on Ivermectin on the ducks and chickens about 3 to 5 drops on their necks depending on the size of the bird. no more lice since the first treatment but you have to treat again to kill the nits. it cost me about 35.00 to buy both at feed store. but worth every penny. Oh and I did get them on me but took a shower washed my hair and they were gone.
Well, chicken lice are not the kind of lice that infest people, so you're safe there. I used Adams flea and tick spray on a rooster we picked that had lice and it wiped them out FAST. I did retreat 10 days later, which you need to do no matter what product you end up using, as that give any eggs that aren't killed time to hatch. The Adams should kill mites as well. I do much better with sprays than powder because it's so much easier to aim and it doesn't go all over when you're trying to apply it. If you use a spray, you'll need to watch the face area (I sprayed it on my hands and rubbed it into the areas on the face I wanted to reach), and you'll need to make sure the spray gets to the skin, not just the feathers...
Chicken Lice are not people lice. With either lice, you will need to retreat 7 - 10 days to kill the hatching eggs. I actually Treat, then retreat in 7 days and then retreat in another 7 days. THE EGGS are safe during this time if you use a product that is not absorbed through the skin. If you use something like Ivermectin, you are not suppose to consume the eggs during that time ( 7 - 14 days depending on what the established withdrawal period is).

FLEAs are FLEAs and they can jump on you and you could carry them in the house . . . . Odds are if they are on the birds, they are already in your yard JUST WAITING FOR YOU to walk by so that they can jump on you. Sevin dust is a good product to treat your yard with . . . . I don't know if you would want your birds to eat it though.

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