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Nov 5, 2018
Greetings everyone. Not sure how this will work. I found this site by accident. My husband gave me my nickname "Thunderfoot" because I walk heavy due to a back injury. I was looking for a full grown rooster to purchase and found a woman in Westminster, SC who had several roosters for free. I clicked on the ad and it sent me here. We are looking for a full grown rooster for our 4 girls who are about to start laying. We would like to expand our flock and the girls would be happy for some male company. If there is anyone close to Lexington, SC who has a full grown rooster for sale or for free please contact us at my email.Thank you.
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BYC has a free re-homing section...maybe you can find a rooster there:
Animals In Need of Free Re-Homing

Some feed stores will have a bulletin board where people post about birds they want to re-home, that's another possibility.

Best of luck to you!

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